Youth and The Red Cross

Did you know youth have been a part of the American Red Cross for over 70 years? The Junior Red Cross was founded in 1917 when World War I brought a partnership between the American Red Cross and youth. President Wilson announced the formation of the Junior Red Cross and it’s 8 million members within the 1st year. By 1919, the membership had grown to 11 million. This was just the beginning of youth involvment within the Red Cross.

There are many opportunities for youth to become involved with the Red Cross. Youth can start a Red Cross Club at their school and complete service projects or host fundraisers. Service projects can be focused on any of our 5 Lines of Service including Blood Services, Health and Safety, Disaster Serives, International Services and Armed Forces Emergency Services. A few examples of service projects are hosting a blood drive at your school or in your community, collect comfort kit items for victims of disaster, become trained in our Kid Safety classes, sell pins for a dollar for the Measles Initiative and collect care package items for our men and woman serving over seas. These are just a few ways youth can become inspired to be part of the Red Cross team for life.

Youth can also get trained in Community Education programs such as Community Disaster Education, HIV/AIDS Education, First Aid and CPR. High school students can get trained to become peer educators and share their knowledge with their fellow students. Not only can students give back to their community but also have fun doing it!

For more information on youth opportunities call 312-729-6123.

Posted by Jackie Dempsey, Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator

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