It’s Family Preparation Week.

When I first moved into my very own apartment, I was concerned about what furniture to buy, where to hang posters, learning how to make food, and the most important of all: safety. What would I do during disaster such as a fire in my new apartment?

I remember getting homework in grade school about talking with your family about fire safety in your home and what to do in an emergency. It was easy homework that would always be the most beneficial in the long run. We would sit around the table and discuss simple questions for us all to be on the same page. How to escape our house in the event of a fire? Where was our meeting place? Who to call to let them know we’re all okay? How often will we check fire detectors? Where is the fire extinguisher located in our house? Knowing the answers and devising a plan to the questions would allow us to know how to react in the event of an emergency.

Once I moved into my own apartment, I made sure that all the smoke detectors were working in my place and in the staircase leading up to it. I talked with my roommates about the ways to escape, the location of our fire extinguisher, and where to meet once we left. An emergency can strike at any time so knowing what to do prior is your best bet.

Take our quiz to see how prepared you and your family are!

This week, comment on our blog about your family’s disaster plan and be entered to win a safety prize for your family!

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