We’re Opening Shelters Due to Local Flooding

You might have thought this weekend’s storm story would be about Ike. Turns out, lots of local folks are being flooded out of their homes as steady, heavy rains douse Chicagoland. As of this afternoon, the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago has opened two shelters to help people displaced by local floods. These shelters are available to anyone who has been displaced by the flooding are are located at: the DesPlaines Park District, 515 E. Thacker and St. Stevens Lutheran Church, 14700 S. Kildare in Midlothian.

We’re mobilizing our local mass care volunteers–the people who know how logistics work in a Red Cross shelter. They’re going to feed people. They’re going to set up cots and blankets. These volunteers will be ready with comfort kits (a toothbrush, soap and other little things that help people feel better during a tough time). People who stay at the shelter will get hot coffee and filling food and a safe place to spend the night. When the flooding subsides and they can return home, the Red Cross will make sure they know how to clean up their homes safely.

For free guides on how to clean up safely after a flood, visit the Greater Chicago Red Cross web site.

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