Seven Years Later, a Relief Worker Reflects on 9/11

Kat Hindmand works for the Greater Chicago chapter today as director of readiness and response. Seven years ago, she woke up in Brooklyn to the sound of her neighbor screaming. From the rooftop of her apartment building, Kat watched the second plane hit the World Trade Center. That morning, Kat was on-call as a disaster mental health worker with the Red Cross in New York. She knew that the Red Cross would need her, but first she tried to comfort her neighbor.

Watch the video above to hear Kat’s compelling story of how she worked with the Red Cross in the months after Sept 11 to help residents recover.

Today, on September 11, we reflect on the trauma and courage of the American people who faced terrorism that morning seven years ago. The Red Cross urges you to honor those people, and yourself, by preparing for the unexpected. It’s a lot simpler than you might think: Get a kit, make a plan and be informed. Visit

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