City of Chicago Is Offering Notices Via Text

The Red Cross is always on the lookout for ways that you and your family can be better prepared for emergencies. One popped up this morning, maybe you saw it in the paper: Do you work, play or live in the city of Chicago? The city announced a program that could be really helpful to anyone who happens to be in the city during an emergency. By signing up, you’ll receive emergency information on your cell phone or handheld device. From the release:

Anyone who registers for the program here would receive messages from the city in weather emergencies, terrorist attacks and hazardous material situations, the mayor said.

“It is very critical for public safety agencies do their part to stay in tune with the latest tools to keep the residents safe,” Daley said.

Will you sign up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. To learn more about preparedness during and September, National Preparedness Month, visit

-Kristin Claes is a writer with the Greater Chicago Red Cross. She luvs 2 txt.

Thanks to SheepGuarding Llama for the Flickr pic.

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