The lights went out in Chicago and I was ready…

My power went out yesterday afternoon.
Almost immediately I went to my closet and grabbed my new American Red Cross Eton radio. This thing is awesome it only weighs 1 pound and can charge your cell phone, provide light and of course music and information via radio stations.
Within seconds I was happily listening to my favorite radio station, hunkering down for a long night sans power and playing with the flashlight portion of the radio-on- off-on-off (sort of annoying sure but I had very little else to do with no power). Besides, even though it was only 3 in the afternoon I wanted to be ready for nightfall.
Should I eat the ice cream cake in my freezer for dinner (after all it would melt and go to waste if I didn’t and that would be wasteful)? What should I do next?
A few minutes later I heard the power buzz back on. I was secretly a little disappointed that I didn’t get to use all the functions on my new toy but also glad that I had remembered where I put it and could easily access it when I needed it.
If you don’t have a battery operated or hand-crank radio, now is the time to get one. Put it somewhere you can find it easily. You never know when you might need it.


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