It’s Easy to Help Victims Affected by Recent Flooding

It is great to hear that many of the local Red Cross chapters across the country are helping their fellow Americans by traveling to volunteer in the areas affected by the recent floods. Due to the current disasters, The Red Cross expects to be spending $15 million in damage. This will be the biggest flooding operation the Red Cross has aided with in 15 years. While not all of us can pick up and go to help the victims in the Midwest, there are many other ways you can provide much needed assistance to those devastated by the floods.

The Disaster Relief Fund is a great way to help those whose lives have been forever altered. Donating to this fund will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling, and other assistance to victims of disaster. You can have your donation go to a certain disaster, you just have to specify at the time of your donation where you want it to go.

The devastating impact may spread to more than 500,000 people in Wisconsin and Iowa down the river. I cannot believe that we are still only two weeks into hurricane season and this much damage has already been done. The Red Cross is continuing to help the victims whose lives have been forever changed because of the floods. Please take the necessary precautions to protect your families and loved ones before a disaster strikes. You can check out the for more tips on how to get yourself ready!

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